Make An Impact

You can make a difference in the lives of students through our Impact 2020 Campaign which focuses on enhancing the student experience at Providence! We're working to develop our program offerings, improve our facilities, strengthen and give more opportunities to our staff and faculty, create an accessible environment and continue to challenge our students as we strive for excellence in our educational experience. 

Why You Matter

Our alumni have always been our best endorsement for a Providence education! Your involvement in our campaign directly supports the mission and vision of Providence. 

Pray for Us

We believe that God answers prayers in big and small ways. Pray that God will continue to guide, grow and protect our students as well as our staff and faculty. 

Refer a Student

Our alumni are our best recruiters! Help get a future Providence student started on their journey by referring them through our Alumni Referral Bursary.

Give a Gift

We are thankful for those who support us financially and encourage you to prayerfully consider joining them! Learn more about giving to Providence.

Contact our Coordinator of Alumni and Church Relations