Graduation Application


This is an application to have your name added to the graduation list only. You must complete all of your graduation requirements in order to receive a Providence diploma, certificate or degree. Graduation fees will be applied when this form is received.

Graduation Policy

The Providence University College faculty has approved a policy for participation in graduation. The specifics of this policy are as follows:

  1. Any courses and/or outstanding Field Education requirements that are in progress with an end date after graduation date must be completed by April 30 (Fall Conferral) or August 31 (Winter Conferral) of that year.
  2. When all the requirements have been completed and final grades have been submitted, the Registrar’s Office will mail the degree parchment to the student.

Continuation Fees will apply should the student not complete all the requirements by April 30 (Fall Conferral) or August 31 (Winter Conferral).

  1. A one-credit hour fee will be charged for each semester that any requirement is outstanding. This fee will be charged and payable when the requirement has been completed.
  2. If the course is not completed within the statute of limitations the student will forfeit all rights to the degree and be required to reapply under the requirements of a new academic calendar.

NOTE: Online credit card payment is required to complete this form. If you would prefer to pay in-person (cash, credit, debit) or mail in a cheque, please complete the forms which are applicable to you and email to

Privacy Statement

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