Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook is designed to provide information about living on campus (whether that be in residence or alternate housing), living in community, our student services, campus activities, and institutional policies. We hope that this will be a guide to help navigate through your academic and extra-curricular activities during your time at Providence.

From Our President

Welcome to Providence! I’m glad you are here.

The 2020-2021 academic year will be unique in my thirty years of service at Providence. I trust that all of us will follow the guidelines established by the Student Development Department so that we can have a safe, healthy, and happy year together.

The Bible pictures our lives as a pilgrimage. We are on a journey together. To arrive here we have all come a distance already. Your path can lead to an influential career and a life that makes a difference. Once in a while on our journey God leads us to a place to explore, then we leave that place and continue on the path laid out for us. Providence is a place to explore for a time.

During your stay at Providence be sure to explore knowledge. It exists in the halls, in the offices, in lounges, in the library, in the classrooms, and sometimes where you least expect it. This is a great time to explore new ideas, re-examine old ideas, and relate ideas together in different ways.

Be sure to explore relationships; relationships with faculty, relationships with staff, and relationships with fellow students. Some relationships will come easy; others will be more work. Sometimes the ones that are more work are more valuable. Be sure to explore your own self. Who are you? Why are you here? What does God want to do in and with your life? What gifts do you offer God and the Providence community? Finally, be sure to explore your relationship with God. You have been created to know God and God’s work. You will find real purpose in life only in relationship with the living Lord.

When it is time to move from this place and continue your pilgrim journey, you will find that you have been changed by the knowledge you have gained, by the human relationships you’ve made, and by your relationship with your Creator. The world will be a better place because you will be a better person as a result of your time at Providence, a person equipped to make a difference for Christ.

David H. Johnson