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Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook is designed to provide information about living on campus (whether that be in residence or alternate housing), living in community, our student services, campus activities, and institutional policies. We hope that this will be a guide to help navigate through your academic and extra-curricular activities during your time at Providence. 

From Our President

It is my deep privilege to welcome you to Providence. If you are new, we have something in common. I began my work as the 15th president of Providence University College and Theological Seminary on the first of June, so all of this is new to me as well. What I have already learned is that this is a place full of people who care about your personal growth and well-being. The people of Providence are amazing, and now you are one of them!

This year, we will focus on “journeying together” with the Word as a lamp to our feet and a light to our path. We often think of that light as a floodlight, spreading illumination far and wide. In my experience, however, it is often more like a flashlight, giving us just enough light to allow us to take our next few steps. That is all we ever need, if the light is true.

These days are challenging in many ways. I know that we had all hoped to be completely past the pandemic by now, but we are going to have to be vigilant for at least a little while longer. I know you will work within the guidelines presented in this handbook so that we can all flourish together in safety and encouragement.

Please take every opportunity to connect with your fellow students, and with the staff and faculty who have given their lives to serve you well. In my life, I have observed that the opportunity to study deeply is rare and valuable. I know that you will want to take this opportunity to drink deep from the great well of learning that is available to you while you are here. Read, think, study, discuss, and most of all grow in the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Providence people are “difference makers” because Jesus has first made a difference in our lives. I look forward to seeing the difference you will make as you bear the fruit of your learning.

Kenton C. Anderson