Student Leadership

Our University College and Seminary student leaders are essential for the development of an inclusive learning community. Student leaders receive mentoring and support from Student Development staff while living and learning as servant-leaders among their peers. If you are interested in getting involved in student leadership, please contact our Dean of Student Life.

Resident Assistants (RAs)

Resident Assistants are hired by the Resident Directors following a careful application and interview process and are selected based on their character, leadership ability and desire to grow in the coming year. Each RA is assigned to a particular residence hall and oversees a group of 10-15 students in residence. RAs also run weekly Care Groups for their hall and provide a listening ear and direction for their fellow residents. All-residence events and other campus activities are led by RAs with the help of Student Development staff.

Student Council (STUCO)

Each spring, STUCO members are elected by their peers to serve in the following academic year. Student Council runs regular events such as coffee houses, worship events, discussion and movie nights as well as annual events including Missio Dei (Providence’s missions conference) and the Christmas banquet. STUCO members are responsible for bringing the concerns and interests of students to the larger Student Council and sometimes take on particular projects in response to student concerns. At the beginning of the academic year all students have the opportunity to join a STUCO member’s committee as a way of contributing to the community and becoming familiar with student leadership. STUCO Positions include:

  • President
  • Vice-President of Student Life
  • Vice-President of Administration
  • Vice-President of Communication
  • Vice-President of Spiritual Life
  • Global Missions Representative
  • Local Missions Representative
  • Athletics Representative
  • Social Life Representative
  • International Students Representative
  • Commuter Representative

Team Captains (Varsity Athletes)

Team Captains are chosen by their team’s Head Coach and are essential for providing leadership within their respective teams as well as within the athletics
program as a whole. Team Captains are chosen based on their character and leadership abilities and hold various responsibilities throughout the year. Team
Captains are mentored by their Head Coach and will meet with the Athletics Department throughout the year.

Seminary Student Representative Council (SRC)

The appointed student leaders make up the SRC. They are overseen by the Director of Student Development. The purposes of the SRC are to enhance communication between Seminary faculty and the student body and vice versa, and to provide a forum for interaction between the student leaders. The SRC normally includes the following members:

  • Student-Faculty Liaison
  • Seminary Social Coordinator
  • Student Worship and Chapel Coordinator

Student-Faculty Liaison

The Liaison is responsible for representing Seminary students to the Seminary faculty and administration and, on occasions when the Academic Dean deems it helpful, to represent Seminary faculty and administration to students. As well, this person is available to students on a casual and/or appointment basis to listen to their concerns and questions about Seminary courses, programs, policies, etc., and to present these concerns to the Academic Dean.

Seminary Social Coordinator

The Social Coordinator is responsible for organizing social activities during the semester for the Seminary student body.

Seminary Student Worship and Chapel Coordinator

The chapel coordinator is responsible for planning and directing the program of the Seminary chapel, including its various components of worship, fellowship, instruction, and inspiration. They arrange for the participation of others in the chapel program, including students, faculty, staff, and invited guests, and organize and conduct the scheduled Day of Prayer for each semester.