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Residence Security

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Building and Resident Security

  • Do not prop open outside doors or fire exits as this can endanger the lives and belongings of everyone in the residence hall. This can also allow rodents and other unwanted animals to enter the residence
  • Do not climb on building roofs or in or out of windows
  • Lock your room, keep valuables in a safe place, and carry your keys. It is recommended that students engrave their valuables and record serial numbers. Ensure that your valuables are covered under an insurance plan
  • If you are locked out of your room contact an RA from your residence
  • Refrain from walking alone on or around campus after dark
  • Report thefts and/or suspicious people or actions to the RLD or the university college receptionist
  • Pulling and/or forcing locked entrance doors open creates costly damage to the door mechanism and will result in a minimum $50.00 fee to the student responsible, which will help pay for damages
  • Using fire doors during non-emergency or fire drill evacuations will result in a minimum $25 fine

Keys/Unauthorized Access in the Residence Halls

Residence keys and access cards are distributed at registration. Lost keys and access cards will incur a charge of $25 to the student’s account. Please report a lost key/card to the RLD immediately. It is extremely important to maintain a community environment that is safe and trusting. It is very difficult to live in a healthy community if people feel unsafe. This is why issues of unauthorized possession of keys, gaining access to locked or off limits areas, and the copying of keys is treated very seriously. Students may face fines of $250 in addition to other serious, disciplinary measures like expulsion from residence if they make choices to compromise campus safety and trust. The local authorities may also be contacted. Please lock your room and keep your keys with you at all times.

Locked Out

If you are locked out of your residence building, please contact the appropriate RA for your building.