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Withdrawing and Moving Out

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Students may withdraw academically through the Registrar’s Office (particulars are outlined in the Academic Catalogue). Withdrawal from residence requires that keys/access cards be turned in and the room checked for damages. Students must meet with the Residence Life Director before leaving residence and a failure to complete a checkout with the RLD will result in a loss of a portion of your damage deposit.

Refunds for Room and Board

Students who withdraw from residence within the two-week grace period past the academic semester registration date are eligible to receive the appropriate pro-rated refund on both room and board. Students who withdraw or are dismissed from residence at any point past the two-week grace period will forfeit their entire room fee and be given a pro-rated board refund, less 10 per cent administrative fee on the board portion. For more information, see Payment and Refund Policies.

Damage Assessment

Before students arrive, a Room Condition Report of each room with be made, which will be signed by the resident. When the student moves out of residence, the RA will assess the condition of the room to ensure that damage has not been done. If damage has occurred during the course of the year, the student will be charged for repairs. Occupants of a room will be charged equally for cleaning costs if necessary. Similarly, hallways, lounges and bathrooms are used primarily by residents of these areas, therefore residence hall members bear equal responsibility for damages unless a degree of responsibility can be assigned. Room and residence furniture is moved at your own risk. If damage has occurred to furniture due to moving it, damages will be charged to the student account.

***The Student Life Department, Maintenance Department or designate reserves the right to do periodic maintenance and safety checks of all residence hall rooms as necessary to fulfill the Residence Life mission and may assess charges as necessary. Students causing excessive or intentional damage to residences or Providence property are subject to eviction.