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Campus Services

The Business Office deals with all payments, and accepts debit, cash, and cheque at their location. Cheque’s can also be mailed in and addressed to the Business Office. Electronic payments can be made with a bank transfer, e-transfer, or through Plastiq if a payment with credit card is preferred. International students may pay through Western Union Global Pay.

Bank Transfer: If you bank with RBC, BMO, Scotiabank, CIBC or most Credit Unions, you may pick Providence as a payee and transfer your payment. When prompted for an account number, fill in your student number.

E-transfer: Use the email address and use the following format for the security question, “What is yourfirstname yourlastname’s student number?” with the security answer being your student number. If there are limits or requirements for the password that disallow you to use your student number as your password, send an email to with the answer to the security question.

Credit Card: Follow this LINK to make a payment with your credit card. You will be charged a processing fee, and this is the only way that Providence accepts credit card.

Please note that there is a $25.00 charge for all NSF cheques.


The ATM is located in the Reimer Student Life Centre. It accepts debit cards, VISA, or MasterCard. This machine processes withdrawals only and dispenses $20 bills. If you have any problems with this machine, please contact the Business Office.

If you have any questions, please contact the Business Office.

We want commuters to get involved in the Providence community! Some great ways to do that include playing on the varsity team, cheering on the Pilots, participating in a music group, joining a student council committee, playing intramurals or signing up for special events through the year. Commuter students also have a carpool database available to them and special access to the Collegium which is a member-only lounge ($30 fee/semester) specifically for University College commuter students. This lounge includes a kitchen area complete with a fridge, microwave, toaster oven, coffee maker and kettle, as well as dishes and cutlery. It also has several couches, perfect for relaxing or reading.

Please see the STUCO Commuter Representative or the Community Life Coordinator with any questions or concerns you may have.


  1. Manitoba laws governing the use of vehicles shall apply on Providence property.
  2. The speed limit is 30 km/h on campus.
  3. Other than in an emergency, repairs should not be done on campus.


At the beginning of each semester we host a carpool meeting where you can get information about being a part of a carpool, should you be interested.

Winter Driving

Winters in Manitoba can be dangerous and we want you to be prepared!

  • Maintenance your vehicle: snow/ice tires, winter oil, full tank of gas, gas line anti-freeze
  • Pack some emergency supplies: booster cables, extra clothing, blanket, snacks, candle, phone
  • Plan ahead: stranded commuter students are encouraged to make arrangements with fellow students or Residents Assistants to stay in residences overnight in case of a winter storm.

For information about on-campus parking, see our Parking page.

Our cafeteria is housed in the Reimer Student Life Centre and offers three, full-course meals, six days a week, and a brunch and supper on Saturdays through Sodexo Canada, our food services provider since 1991. Hours of operation are posted in the dining room. Sodexo is designed around platform dining which allows students more options in their meal and diet choices. Menu suggestions and feedback can be made through comment cards and surveys which help Sodexo maintain a high standard of product and service quality. In addition to the dining room, Sodexo Canada operates a small canteen (open Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 2:00pm) which offers daily lunch items and snacks and is located beside the cafeteria.

Food and dishes may not be removed from the cafeteria.

Meal Plans

Residence students can choose between a 5 day and a 7 day meal plan. Any dietary restrictions, by doctor’s orders, must be submitted in written form to the Director of Food Services and/or the Vice President of Student Life who will arrange for a special meal plan to be issued. Students will need to show their student identification card for all meals. Meal cards can be obtained through the Business Office and are available for commuter students, staff, and faculty of Providence. The full fee payment of your meal card is due on registration day.

Meal plans are optional for students who are not living in the Providence residence halls (in on-campus apartments, off-campus housing or at home).

Bag Lunches

Bag lunches may be made available to students who will be off campus because of Field Service assignments, class, athletics, choir, church activities, etc., or back-to-back classes through the lunch period. Back-to-back class meal arrangements can be made through the business office (bring your current class schedule). All other bag meal arrangements can be made by emailing or contacting the cafeteria kitchen staff directly with dates and time of pickup.

Food Services Concerns

Any student concerns about food services should be directed to the Student Council President or the Director of Food Services . These concerns will be shared and discussed with the Food Services Committee.

Providence provides a shuttle service from Otterburne to St. Vital Mall on selected Friday evenings throughout the semester. Interested students can contact our Community Life Coordinator for details and departure times.

We are committed to serving the IT needs of Providence in any way we can. Feel free to stop by and say "Hello" or visit Information Technology to seek assistance for all of your IT needs.

Please check with the Registrar's Office, the Library, or on the Providence App for lost and found items.

Students at Providence will have a personal locked mailbox assigned to them on campus in the Hanna Centre and will receive their key during registration at the beginning of the school year (or semester). A $15 key deposit will be charged to their account, and must be paid for in order to receive the key.

Incoming mail is delivered daily (Monday - Friday) and you should use the following address:

c/o Providence, Box (student’s box number), Otterburne, MB, R0A 1G0

Assorted envelopes and stamps are available for purchase in the Business Office for your convenience. Stamped outgoing mail may be brought to the Business Office, and from there, will be brought to the post office. Mail Services hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00.

No storage is available in the residence halls. If summer storage is required, residence students may store personal items in the storage room in the Hanna Centre. Access to the storage room can be obtained through the Student Life department. All items must be clearly labeled (labels are available for purchase from the Business Office) with your name, home address, and date. Items are stored at your own risk. Unclaimed, unmarked, or unapproved items will be disposed of periodically. Guidelines regarding storage are:

  1. The Providence Storage Room is available for residence students and will be available during scheduled times. Students are responsible for bringing items to the storage room.
  2. Payment for storage services ($20/container) is due before items may be placed in the storage room and should be made at the Business Office in the form of cash or cheque (payable to Providence). In addition, $20 is also required for a refundable security deposit (to receive your $20 security deposit refund, please return your item labels to the Business Office once the items have been removed from storage).
  3. All items should be stored in plastic Rubbermaid-style containers with lids. A proper label must be completely filled out and attached to the side of each container. PLEASE NOTE: Suitcases, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes can be accepted in place of plastic containers, but Providence is not liable for any damage to items while in storage.
  4. If the student is unable to retrieve items from storage they must contact the Student Life Office before the term of storage has expired and make arrangements for shipping and handling. Notice must be given 48 hours in advance if you want to remove items from storage during the middle of the storage contract.
  5. Items that are left in storage for more than a month past the agreed expiration date, without notice from the student, will be shipped COD to the student and late charges of $10 per month will apply.

For more information, contact the Residence Life Director.