Safety and Health

Safety and Health Committee

Health and Communication Policy

Upon arrival on the Providence Campus, students with physical and/or mental health issues that have the potential to impact the classroom, residence halls, or anywhere on campus, are responsible to inform the appropriate staff, faculty, or students in a timely manner. Such individuals could include, but are not limited to, professors, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Student Development, Resident Director, Resident Assistant, students living within the same residence hall, Director of Food Services, etc. Ensuring that these individuals have the information and instruction needed if such a health issue would arise assists Providence in providing reasonable care for each student. The amount of information that a student provides to these individuals is subject to the nature of the health issue and what information is required in order for the institution to ensure that a pro-active care plan is in place should the issue arise. Students who have not recorded their physical/mental health issues in their application must inform Providence University College immediately through the Student Development and/or Admissions departments.

If you are a Canadian citizen or a Permanent Resident of Canada you must register with Manitoba Health. Health coverage will begin on the first day of the third month after your arrival in Manitoba. For example, if you arrive on August 30, August will count as the first month, with September and October as the following two. Therefore in this case, your coverage would begin November 1. When you register, you will need to:

  • Complete a Manitoba Health Registration Form
  • Provide your previous province’s/territory’s health card number
  • Provide proof of Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident Confirmation Card

Until your health coverage begins you should maintain your coverage with your previous health plan or, in the case of international students, you will be signed up for one of the following StudentGuard Plus International Student Insurance Plans once your send a flight plan.

It is mandatory for all international students to purchase International Health Insurance, even if they already have travel health insurance from their own country. Health Insurance

To purchase the insurance, visit the website. accepts any major credit card, visa debit, and PayPal. Aviation students are required to purchase additional insurance through, which has a separate link on the website.

Students are required to purchase health insurance through prior to their arrival at Providence. Students will not be permitted to attend classes until their enrollment in is confirmed.

Insurance is purchased by the semester (September 1 – December 31, January 1 – April 31). The cost is $273.75 per semester. If a student is intending to stay in Canada to work in the summer, we recommend that they purchase the policy from May 1 – August 31 to ensure continued health coverage. coverage provides benefits resembling Manitoba health (up to a limit of $5,000,000) as well as providing additional coverage for prescription medicines, accidental dental, ambulance, semi-private hospital room and many other benefits. Full details of coverage provided by the plan can be found on the website in several languages.

  • Eg. A visit to a hospital in Canada without insurance can cost between $1000-$1500 CAD and that is BEFORE any treatment.

Accident insurance is provided for all students while attending or participating at any Providence sponsored activity approved by and/or supervised by the University College or Seminary, such as Athletic and other student events, which includes travel to and from such activities. for Families

Students bringing families with them to Canada will be required to obtain insurance for all of their family members. Children of international students cannot attend Canadian schools without Health Insurance. There is a discount for families after 4 members are signed up.

Students who have a spouse with a full-time job in Canada can get Manitoba Health and will not be required to purchase Insurance, provided they show proof of coverage by Manitoba Health.