Fire Safety

In case of a fire alarm, all residents must leave the residence halls immediately. Your RA will go over the proper procedures with you at the beginning of the school year. Do not re-enter the building until permission is granted by your Resident Director or appropriate designate. Periodic fire drills will take place during the year. 

To ensure the safety of all residents and to comply with standard building fire regulations, any activity which could contribute to a building fire or jeopardize another resident’s safety is prohibited. Disassembling, mishandling or tampering with exit signs, fire extinguishers, hoses, alarms, heat sensors, or smoke detectors for any reason other than an emergency is also prohibited. It is a criminal offense to pull a fire alarm for fun or as a prank. The minimum fine $100.

Please note the restrictions on the following:

  • Explosives
    • Fire crackers, fireworks, and flammable substances may not be stored within, nor used in or on university college property. Providence-sanctioned fireworks displays are permitted.
  • Weapons
    • Weapons of any kind (including but not limited to firearms, bows, arrows, hunting knives, machetes, paintball guns, sling shots, etc.) are not permitted on campus, including in the residence halls. Airsoft may not be used in any campus building.
  • Candles/Burning Objects
    • Candles, incense, or an open flame of any kind are prohibited within the residence hall. Halogen lamps are also prohibited within the residence halls.
  • Cooking Appliances
    • Appliances, cooking or otherwise, with enclosed heat sources are permitted in residence hall lounges and rooms. Examples include a kettle and a rice cooker. Please see the “Appliances” section under the Residence Hall Facilities and Equipment of the Student Handbook for further information on appliances.
  • Decoration
    • Excessive wall or ceiling coverings (as per the Manitoba Fire Code) and live Christmas trees are prohibited within the residence halls.