Overnight Guests

As a courtesy to roommates and other students, residents may accommodate overnight guests in their room for a maximum of four nights per semester. The first two nights are free; the next two nights will incur a charge of $10/night payable at the Business Office. Meals in the cafeteria are not included in this cost. Extensions for additional nights may be granted if a request is submitted in writing, in advance to the appropriate Resident Director.

For the safety and protection of all residents, students are requested to register all guests by filling out an Overnight Visitor Request Form. These must be submitted to your RD by 4:30 p.m. on the day the guest will be staying in residence. Residents are responsible for their guest and their behaviour. If a guest violates any residence rule or policy, the resident student host will be held responsible.

Commuter Students

Commuter students who are required to stay on campus late at night or arrive early in the morning due to participation in school-sponsored events such as drama or athletic practices may be granted up to five overnight stays per semester. In these cases, the commuter student should make arrangements with the appropriate Resident Director in advance.