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Housing Policy

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Our residential regulations require students under 20 years of age who are not living at home to live in a Providence residence hall. If you have been out of high school for two full years and have lived in a residence hall at Providence for at least one year, you are exempt from our residential requirements. Seminary students and married students are also exempt from these requirements. Students who wish to live in on-campus housing (either in apartments or in one of the residence halls) must be taking at least 9 credit hours of study.

Under 20 Years of Age

  • Meal Plan Options: 5 or 7-day meal plans (required)
  • Housing Options: Residence hall or live at home with parents

Over 20 Years of Age (OR out of high school for two years and lived in residence hall for at least one year)

  • Meal Plan Options: 5 or 7-day meal plans (only required if living in residence)
  • Housing Options: Residence hall, live at home with parents, on-campus apartments, off-campus housing

All Married Students (regardless of age)

  • Meal Plan Options: 5 or 7-day meal plan (optional)
  • Housing Options: On-campus apartments, off-campus housing

See meal plan information under Food Services.