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Sanitation and Cleanliness

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Residence students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and bathrooms and should aid in the cleaning of the hallways and lounges. Due to fire regulations and issues of cleanliness, personal items cannot be left in hallways, lounges, or laundry rooms. Personal items left in these areas may be confiscated immediately and then donated to charity after a period of one week if unclaimed.

Please make every effort to dispose of food in the garbage containers rather than in the sink. Much inconvenience has resulted in the past over plugged drains. Please also take your personal garbage to the large garbage bins outdoors rather than emptying your garbage into the lounge garbage cans, which causes them to quickly overflow.

Vacuum cleaners are located in each residence hall for student use, however, vacuuming should be done outside of designated quiet hours. Providence custodial staff will vacuum the main lounges periodically and at that time have priority to the vacuums. There are laundry facilities located in all residence halls. Please notify Providence Maintenance of any problems.

Mature Student Housing

Tenants are expected to keep their individual apartments and the grounds of the building clean. Though Custodial comes on a regular basis to clean common areas in most buildings, tenants must bring all their own cleaning supplies with them, including vacuums, for their apartments and should also do their part to keep garbage and other waste from accumulating in the building and on the grounds. Tenants may not store personal belongings in the hallways or fire escape areas, as they are subject to regular clearing without prior notice given to the tenants.

All garbage bags must be taken to the outdoor dumpsters provided by the local waste removal company. Recycling must be left in clear bags at the edge of the road by the parking entrances on the designated collection days.

The exterior building doors should only be propped open when tenants are moving in or out. Otherwise, the doors should remain closed to prevent rodents, insects, and other wildlife from entering the buildings.

Laundry facilities in all campus apartment buildings are located on the basement level. Washing machines should be cleared of garbage, lint, hair, or other debris and dryer lint traps should be cleaned out after each use so that they are ready for the next user.

If there are any issues with sanitation or cleanliness at Providence campus apartment buildings, please contact the Executive Assistant for Student Life .