Community Living Policies

You are now a member of the Providence community and have therefore become a “co-owner” of the mission of Providence. We encourage and expect all members of our community to contribute to a positive learning-centered environment.

  1. All students are expected to respect all property of Providence. The Providence community at large would greatly appreciate the help of all members in the upkeep and security of all grounds, buildings, and property.
  2. Students are responsible for insuring all personal items, whether stored on the premises or in individual rooms. In some cases, the family Homeowner’s Insurance Policy may cover your belongings. However, each person should make sure that it is added as a rider to the policy or they should purchase tenant insurance.
  3. Due to fire regulations, open flame of any kind (i.e. candles) is strictly prohibited. See Fire Safety
  4. Airsoft equipment is not to be used in any building on campus including residences and apartments.
  5. Skateboards are not to be used and rollerblades are not to be worn inside any building on campus.
  6. Pets are not allowed in any of the campus buildings – with the exception of fish. This includes apartments and residences. The only other exception to this rule is for Service Animals or Support Animals.
  7. Soliciting of goods and services is not permitted on campus without permission from the Student Development Department.
  8. Except for pre-approved school business, students should not be in the maintenance and storage areas, kitchen, or faculty/staff mailroom, and lounge.
  9. The use of any school equipment must be cleared by the appropriate department head.
  10. All notices, posters, pictures, and signs for the bulletin boards or any other prominent place on campus are to be approved by the Community Events Coordinator. Designated boards are provided for specific posting needs (housing, events, etc.). Please post appropriately. Furthermore, items should not be posted on the glass doors in any entrance of the school and will be removed if posted there. For more information, contact the Community Life Coordinator.
  11. Acts of vandalism, break and enter, and theft are serious, and consequences will be implemented, as appropriate, by Providence and/or by the local authorities.