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Complaint/Grievance Process

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Informal Complaint and Appeal

A complaint or appeal relates to a concern or problem identified by a student, applicant, or other interested person regarding decisions impacting that person. Open discussion between the parties mentioned above and the appropriate Providence personnel can resolve most problems. However, if a student, applicant or others wish to appeal a decision, the following procedure shall apply:

In cases of disagreement with the decision of staff, faculty or administrative member, an appeal for an informal review of the decision may be made to the next higher official or body. In such cases, any appropriate staff, faculty, administrator, or student representative may be invited to participate and assist in achieving an amicable resolution. If the student is in doubt concerning the person to whom the complaint/appeal should be made, he/she should consult the Academic Dean.

Formal Grievance

It is expected that a student who believes that he/she has been wronged by an act of the University College or Seminary will make a reasonable, good-faith attempt to resolve the problem on an informal basis as described above. In cases where an resolution cannot be obtained at an informal level, the student may file a formal grievance. For further information on grievance procedures, contact the following appropriate department offices as per the nature of the grievance: