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Spiritual Life Values

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At Providence, we care deeply about the spiritual development and faith formation of our community. Because you are a member of the Providence community, we assume that you also care about your spiritual life. The term “formative spirituality” refers to how our spiritual lives are shaped and how our faith is lived out in our lives. We are spiritually formed in all sorts of ways and at Providence we seek to provide various avenues for the integration of our faith with course work, critical thought, community living, and the wider world.


The truth that God exists and is revealed in the Bible is the basis of all of our pursuits. More specifically, the incarnational reality of Jesus – God who became a human and lived on this earth – forms the foundation upon which we build our lives. A strong foundation of faith in the Trinity, Father, Son and Spirit, and a commitment to community is essential in becoming people of God who make meaningful contributions to their communities and the wider world.


Our spiritual life is not lived separately from our “real life”. Spiritual growth happens in church and Bible study, but it also happens in class, in seemingly casual conversations, in rehearsals, and on road trips. This sometimes means that spiritual growth can seem uncontained, but we believe that there is beauty in what is sometimes called messy spirituality. In fact, we believe that real life is spiritual life, and vice versa and so we see the integration of faith and learning as essential for a Providence student.


We all contribute to the life and growth of our community. We want to encourage all members of the Providence community to be involved in each other’s lives. It is our commitment to creating a community that supports and encourages one another which shapes all of our programs. You are expected to take part in this process in your own way, but in a way that contributes to the growth of our community. (Further below you will find a list of activities in which you can participate.


Activities and events at Providence are designed to enable you to participate in the spiritual growth of the community. But we are always seeking creative ways to encounter and experience God. Grounded in God and the truth of Scripture, we want imagination to be a cornerstone of our spiritual formation. This means that sometimes we may ask you to try something new, or encourage you to think in categories that you are not used to. We may even ask you to participate in an activity that you have never heard of before. All of this points to the reality that our God is a creative God and God has made us to be a creative people.


All of this points to an ongoing process of transformation. In short, we want your lives to be radically changed! Providence University College is a place for you to learn and grow. Your time here is a time of discovery of who God is, who you are, and how you fit in the community and kingdom of God. You will be transformed through your courses and assignments, through residence life and Field Education, and through chapel, prayer meetings, missions and social concerns events and in a whole host of other ways.

Transformation is what we are after . . . transformation of self and of the world around us. Your time spent at Providence will assist in the formation of your Christian character, which will in turn enable you to influence the world around you.