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Health and Communication Policy

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Upon arrival on the Providence Campus, students with physical and/or mental health issues that have the potential to impact the classroom, residence halls, or anywhere on campus, are responsible to inform the appropriate staff, faculty, or students in a timely manner. Such individuals could include, but are not limited to, professors, the Academic Dean, Vice President of Student Life, Residence Life Director, Resident Assistant, students living within the same residence hall, Director of Food Services, etc. Ensuring that these individuals have the information and instruction needed if such a health issue would arise assists Providence in providing reasonable care for each student. The amount of information that a student provides to these individuals is subject to the nature of the health issue and what information is required in order for the institution to ensure that a pro-active care plan is in place should the issue arise. Students who have not recorded their physical/mental health issues in their application must inform Providence University College immediately through the Student Life and/or Admissions departments.