Career and Employment Services

Career Services

Career services that can be made available to students include: career coaching, job search guidance, employment database access, resume preparation and interview training. In addition to these services, the Career Services Office also provides students with access to printed and/or online materials such as career resource books, job classifieds, and job search handouts.

For more information contact our Executive Assistant for Student Life.

Campus Employment

The Campus Student Employment program provides University College and Seminary students with the opportunity to secure part-time employment during the school year. Campus employment allows students to make an income while at the same time provides an opportunity for valuable work experience.

Employment is open to all full-time (UC: 12+ credit hours; Seminary: 9+ credit hours) University College and Seminary students and requires each applicant to provide a resume. Non-Canadian students must obtain a Canadian Social Insurance Number and be enrolled in a degree program to be eligible for part-time campus employment. Students may apply for any jobs for which they qualify (there is not limitation or restriction on how many jobs a student may apply for). Each position will have its own application deadline.

Faculty/staff supervisors will be responsible for all hiring decisions. Job acceptance will be confirmed with the student upon receiving their job offer from the supervisor and the completion of a Student Employment Contract. This contract must be returned to the Executive Assistant for Student Life. 


Most positions will be paid Manitoba minimum wage ($11.35/hr as of October 2018; raising to $11.65/hr as of October 2019), however, some jobs may pay more. Payments will be made on a semi-monthly basis through electronic direct-deposit payroll. In order to receive payment, all student employees must have a bank account in a Canadian chartered banking institution.

Working Hours

The amount of hours allocated to each employment position will depend on the job and its requirements. The maximum allowable hours per student employee is 12 work hours per week. Students may secure more than one position, but not accumulate more than 12 hours of work per week.


Resumes are required for application to any on-campus jobs. Students may apply for any jobs for which they qualify. Faculty/staff supervisors are responsible for all hiring decisions. Download the Providence App and click on the Jobs tile to see all campus employment opportunities and to apply.