Food Services

Our cafeteria is housed in the Reimer Student Life Centre and offers three, full-course meals, six days a week, and a brunch and supper on Saturdays through Sodexo Canada, our food services provider since 1991. Hours of operation are posted in the dining room. Sodexo is designed around platform dining which allows students more options in their meal and diet choices. Menu suggestions and feedback can be made through comment cards and surveys which help Sodexo maintain a high standard of product and service quality. In addition to the dining room, Sodexo Canada operates a small canteen (open Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 2:00pm) which offers daily lunch items and snacks and is located beside the cafeteria.

Food and dishes may not be removed from the cafeteria.

Meal Plans

Residence students can choose between a 5 day and a 7 day meal plan. Any dietary restrictions, by doctor’s orders, must be submitted in written form to the Director of Food Services and/or the Dean of Student Life who will arrange for a special meal plan to be issued. Students will need to show their student identification card for all meals. Meal cards can be obtained through the Business Office and are available for commuter students, staff, and faculty of Providence. The full fee payment of your meal card is due on registration day.

Meal plans are optional for students who are not living in the Providence residence halls (in on-campus apartments, off-campus housing or at home).

Bag Lunches

Bag lunches may be made available to students who will be off campus because of Field Service assignments, class, athletics, choir, church activities, etc., or back to back classes through the lunch period. Back to back class meal arrangements can be made through the business office (bring your current class schedule). All other bag meal arrangements can be made by having your professor email the cafeteria directly at with dates and time of pickup.

Food Services Committee

The Food Services Committee will consist of the following people:

  1. Dean of Student Life (Chair)
  2. Chief Financial Officer
  3. Director of Food Services
  4. Residence Life Director
  5. STUCO VP of Student Life

This committee will meet once a semester, or as often as needed, to discuss areas of concern. Any student comments should be directed to the Student Council President.