Mail Services

Students at Providence have a personal mailbox assigned to them on campus in the Hanna Centre. You will need to make a deposit to get a key and will be assigned a box number once you come to pick up the key during registration at the beginning of the school year.

Incoming mail is delivered daily (Monday - Friday) and you can receive mail at Providence by changing your address to:

c/o Providence Box (student’s box number)
Otterburne, MB
R0A 1G0

Assorted envelopes and stamps are available for purchase in the mailroom for you to send mail. Stamped outgoing mail may be deposited either in the appropriate slotted box to the right of the student mailboxes or in the bin outside of the mailroom (during mailroom hours). Parcels may be weighed here and postage paid at the Business Office. Hours will be posted for parcel pickup and other postal needs.

Mail and assignments that are addressed to faculty must be clearly addressed and placed in the drop slot just outside the Staff/Faculty mailroom. Students are not to enter the Staff/Faculty mailroom.