Storage Services

No storage is available in the residence halls. If summer storage is required, students may store personal items in the storage room in the main building. Access to the storage room can be obtained through the Student Development department. All items must be clearly labeled (labels are available for purchase from the Business Office) with your name, home address, and date. Items are stored at your own risk. Unclaimed, unmarked, or unapproved items will be disposed of periodically. Guidelines regarding storage are:

  1. The Providence Storage Room is available for residence students and will be available during scheduled times. Students are responsible for bringing items to the storage room.
  2. Payment for storage services ($20/container) is due before items may be placed in the storage room and should be made at the Business Office in the form of cash or cheque (payable to Providence). In addition, $20 cash is also required for a refundable security deposit (to receive your $20 security deposit refund, please return your item labels to the Business Office once the items have been removed from storage).
  3. All items should be stored in plastic Rubbermaid-style containers with lids. A proper label must be completely filled out and attached to each container. PLEASE NOTE: Suitcases, plastic bags, and cardboard boxes can be accepted in place of plastic containers, but Providence is not liable for any damage to items while in storage.
  4. If the student is unable to retrieve items in storage they must contact the Student Development Office (204-433-7488 ext. 207) before the term of storage has expired and make arrangements for shipping and handling. Notice must be given 48 hours in advance if you want to remove items from storage during the middle of the storage contract.
  5. Items that are left in storage for more than a month past the agreed date, without notice from the student, will be shipped COD to the student and late charges of $10 per month will apply.