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Student Development Staff

Dean of Student Life

The Dean of Student Life oversees the Student Development staff and helps to develop policies and procedures for campus life, but they are also an advocate for students concerning academic and mental health accommodations.

Leshia Verkerk

Executive Assistant for Student Life

The Executive Assistant for Student Life oversees the management of mature student housing on campus. In addition to this, they are the assistant to the Dean of Student Life and the rest of the Student Development department.

Sarah Lageer

Residence Life Director

The Residence Life Director oversees all of residence life while living in residence, themselves. They direct residence programming for students but also serve as a mentor and provides pastoral care. The Residence Life Director is trained in suicide intervention and conflict resolution and works to ensure that residence is a safe and supportive place for all students. Administrative duties such as room placement also falls to the Residence Life Director.

Teah Goossen

Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs)

SRAs are student leaders that carry out much the same role as the RAs. Each year two SRAs – one male and one female – are selected to lead a residence, as well as to provide leadership to their fellow RAs. Typically, these roles are filled by those that have previously served as RAs. Like other RAs, the SRAs live in residence and organize weekly care groups for the other students in their assigned hall. These leaders are on the front line of residence living, providing support, and ensuring that community life is enjoyed and respected by all.


International Student Services Coordinator

Beyond orientation, the International Student Services Coordinator provides ongoing assistance and support for students dealing with immigration (consultations, renewal, and/or acquiring documents), medical visits and international health insurance, and for the many cross-cultural issues that arise during the school year.

Seunghyun Cho

Community Life Coordinator

The Community Life Coordinator works closely with the Student Development department in developing programming that engages the entire campus community in both on and off campus settings. They develop the student leadership program while being the staff liaison for the University College Student Council. They are also the staff liaison for the commuter student body.

Clark Nachtigall

Intake Counsellor

The Intake Counsellor is a great resource for students that need help processing and managing personal struggles in many areas of life. The Intake Counsellor will meet with students for an initial assessment to determine the kind of supports they need and then pair the student with one of our capable student counsellors that is part of the M.A. Counselling program in the Providence Seminary for continued free counselling sessions.

Angelle Arinobu

Associate Academic Advisor

The Associate Academic Advisor is available to support the academic success, personal development, and retention of first-year students. Part of this includes being at the center of planning a fun and informative Welcome Week and being a resource exclusively for students throughout their first year at Providence.

Jasmine Wiens