Academic Policies

The Academic Probation and Dismissal policies presented here are duplicated from the University College Academic Calendar. In case of discrepancy between the policy as presented here and as found in the Academic Calendar, the Academic Calendar policy will be followed.

Students who have taken at least 9 credit hours must have a minimum of a 0.50 Grade Point Average to continue their studies, except in their first semester. A 1.50 Accumulative Grade Point Average (AGPA) for the first year (30 credit hours) of work is required to return for the second year and a 1.80 AGPA at the end of the second year (60 credit hours) to return for the third year. For students in a four year degree, a 1.80 AGPA is required at the end of the third year (90 credit hours) to return for the fourth year. A 2.00 AGPA is required for graduation unless otherwise specified in the program description.

Students who, after taking one semester off from studies, desire to return and repeat courses in order to raise their AGPA, will need to make a written request to the Academic Committee.

Students failing to obtain a 2.00 GPA and AGPA at the end of any given semester, and students with a GPA of less than 2.00 in the two previous consecutive semesters will be placed on academic probation for the following semester. See details in 4.3.16 below.

Students may attempt to upgrade their standing for degree purposes by repeating a maximum of one-third of the course credits taken at Providence University College.

If a student in their first year of study has a GPA from 0.50 to 1.99, they may not carry an academic load of more than 12 credit hours.

If a student is in their second and subsequent years of study, they are placed on Academic Probation if their GPA for the semester and their AGPA drop below 2.00, or if their GPA falls below 2.00 in two consecutive semesters. When on Academic probation, a student:

  • may not serve on the leadership of any student committee, on the Student Council, or as a Resident Assistant;
  • may not participate on any varsity athletic team;
  • may not carry an academic load of more than 12 credit hours;
  • may be restricted in any other way the Academic Committee deems beneficial to the student’s academic progress.

The status of each student on Academic Probation will be reviewed at the end of each semester.