Syllabi Request Form

While we encourage all students to retain original copies of their syllabi, if you have misplaced yours or did not keep them you can order new copies from the Registrar's Office.

Syllabi requests have the following fee structure: orders of 1-5 syllabi cost $20, and each additional syllabus increases the fee by $1 (so, 6 cost $21, 7 cost $22, etc.). Therefore, it is most efficient to make a bulk order if you anticipate needing copies of syllabi in the future.

When fulfilling your request, it is most helpful to us if you can recall and specify the term, course number and course name for each course. That being said, we recognize that you may not have all of this information, so we will cross-reference with your academic record to ensure that you get the right syllabi.

We assume that you are requesting us to email your syllabi to you. If you would prefer us to email them somewhere else - for instance, to another institution or organization - please provide their email address in the comment section at the end of the form.

The web form below services requests of up to 30 syllabi. If you require more than 30 syllabi, please contact us at