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Providence wants to give you the best possible start to your education by helping you to prepare and settle in well after your arrival. Please check out everything under Getting Started and if you have any other questions, contact a member of the Student Life team.

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At Providence, we want our students to grow together in community. Our campus has six permanent residence buildings and a limited number of apartments. In addition to this, there are privately owned mobile homes or on-campus houses that may provide housing opportunities. Please read the descriptions below and check out the Residence Life Handbook and the Mature Student Housing Guide for more information.


Living in residence is possibly one of the most incredible opportunities that you can experience in your time at Providence. The experience of community in a residence hall is full of possibilities for friendships, growth, character formation, learning and personal development. However, transformational experiences in residence halls do not just happen. They are the fruit of intentional leadership and ministry, as well as clear expectations and responsibilities. In this section you will find all of the information that you need to apply to residence, as well as how to be a contributing member of our on-campus community.

Mature Student Housing

Our campus apartments are a short walk (5-10 minutes) from the main campus buildings. We presently offer one and two-bedroom accommodations, although availability is limited. Though Hunt and Turner are campus accommodations, because they are not part of the residence community, students that live there are considered to be commuters. Leases typically go from September 1 - April 30, however, alternative arrangements can be made dependent on arrival dates.

Students may also seek "off-campus" housing options by purchasing one of the nearby mobile homes or houses that are considered an extension of the Providence community when they are up for sale.

We offer FREE access to basic Wi-Fi service and Microsoft Office 365 on campus.

Computer Facilities

Providence has a variety of computer facilities available on campus. Students have access to the main computer lab near the library, Seminary students have access to a small lab on the Seminary floor and there are research stations in the library for all students. Lab and library computers have the latest version of Microsoft Office and laser printers are available in those locations.

Network Login Account

Access to the campus network requires a network login account. The IDs and passwords are generated and emailed to students automatically after the student is registered for classes. If you have not received this email it is possible that the Registrar’s Office does not have your correct email. Please visit the Registrar’s Office in the Welcome Centre and give them your correct email address so that we can send you your login details. For assistance with your login account, please come to the IT Department on the first floor, across from the Student Life offices.

Wi-fi Device Registration

The Providence Wi-Fi hotspot available throughout the campus is called "Students".

When you attempt to connect, your device will be redirected to a login screen with Terms and Conditions that you must agree to. After reading the terms and selecting “I Agree”, you will need to enter your username (The part of your email address before the @ symbol) and the password you use to sign into your Providence email account. You will only need to do this once per device.


  1. Manitoba laws governing the use of vehicles shall apply on Providence property. The speed limit is 30 km/h on campus.
  2. Other than in an emergency, car repairs should not be done on campus.
  3. Students are not required to register their vehicles or display a parking pass in their window, but they are required to park in the designated parking areas:
    • Residence Halls
      • Eichhorst & Muriel Taylor Hall – parking lot behind MTH (non-electrical parking) or the SLC parking lot (electrical parking)
      • Pearce, Cundy, Sweet, Kindred – parking spaces in front of each building (non-electrical parking) or the SLC parking lot (electrical parking)
    • Mature Student and/or Staff Housing
      • Hunt – parking spaces in front of the building
      • Turner – parking spaces in front of the building (non-electrical parking) or the SLC parking lot (electrical parking)
  4. Electrical parking spaces are available on a first come, first served basis.


Students will be fined and/or your vehicle will be towed at your expense for the following reasons:

  1. Parking in any non-designated areas (staff or visitor parking), on sidewalks, grass, fire lanes or accessible parking without a government issued permit.
  2. Leaving a vehicle on campus during Christmas Break/Reading Week and/or when students are not on campus unless prior permission has been granted by the Director of Facilities.
  3. Failing to move your vehicle to another parking area when notice has been given for snow clearing.
  4. Parking in front of the Cundy, Sweet, Pearce, Kindred, Turner, and Hunt if you do not live in those residences. For those that live in these building, parking is on a first come first served basis.

Parking violations may be appealed in writing to the Executive Assistant to VP of Operations. Appeals must be submitted within 30 days of violation and payment must be made before an appeal is considered. Appeals not submitted within 30 days of violation will not be considered.

A shuttle service, operated by Providence, is available to students in need of transportation to and from the Winnipeg airport ONLY. 


  • Arrival Shuttles
    • Pick-ups from the Winnipeg Airport at 8PM on Sundays. 
  • Departure Shuttles
    • Leave the Otterburne campus at 1PM and 5PM on Fridays.
    • 1PM shuttle - book flight departure times no earlier than 4PM
    • 5PM shuttle - book flight departure times no earlier than 8PM
      • These shuttle times ensure students will have adequate time to get to the airport after their classes have finished. The recommended flight departure times account for travelling time to and from Providence to the airport, as well as for security and boarding at the airport.

Cost & Bookings

  • The cost of a one-way trip from or to the Winnipeg airport costs $75.00, plus tax.
  • All shuttle requests must be submitted through the Winnipeg Shuttle Request Form.
  • The online form must be submitted at least 7 business days prior to the date of arrival or departure to ensure driver availability. It is important to note that all shuttle requests are processed during business hours. Requests made on weekends will not be processed until the following Monday.


  • 24+ hours prior to pick-up – full refund.
  • Less than 24 hours prior to pick-up – no refund.
  • Failure to notify – no refund.

Providence is not responsible for missed flights due to transportation cancelations for inclement weather. To ensure the safety of all, drivers will not operate the shuttle service in severe weather conditions.

The first few days of each new semester are designed to help new students acclimatize to university life and to welcome back our returning students. Students have opportunities to tour the campus, complete paperwork, finalize payments, get a student photo taken, receive a library card, and gain access to the fitness centre. Students may also learn more about and sign up for performing arts or athletic opportunities on campus.

Fun and Games

Play with your House or cheer them on as teams compete for the legendary Prov Cup! The Fall Welcome Week will also feature chapels, bonfires, a banquet, community BBQ and a worship concert.


Before classes start, students will participate in academic orientation (mandatory for all new students) which is a great way to learn about Providence, meet faculty and staff, and be well equipped for your academic studies.

Seminary Retreat

All Seminary students and faculty are invited to join together in the fall semester to connect with God and with one another. The day includes a fantastic teaching and story sharing time, refreshing worship, quiet reflection, and of course, space to connect with your Seminary peers!