Campus Activities

Both our staff and students organize frequent events, such as games nights and bonfires. All students are invited to start the year together at the Welcome Week events in September. The Missio Dei mission’s conference in the winter semester underlines the global nature of Christianity here on campus.

Varsity Athletes

University College students who demonstrate superior skill and attitude and who maintain a high academic standard are eligible to represent Providence as a member of one of our soccer, futsal, volleyball, or basketball varsity teams. Providence is a member of the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) and the Manitoba Colleges Athletic Conference (MCAC).

Tryouts for soccer, volleyball and basketball occur at the beginning of the school year and training camps for soccer and volleyball are held prior to the start of classes in September. Please contact the respective head coach for details on each camp. Please see the Pilots Varsity Handbook for further policy details.

Fitness Centre

Stay fit this semester! Our fitness facility includes cardio and strength equipment, free weights, exercise balls and mats and a semi-private aerobics area. Membership to the Fitness Centre is included in your students fees so all registered students at Providence have access, however, students need to sign a Waiver and Membership Agreement Form prior to using the facilities. This form can be completed in the Business Office. Once those are signed, you will receive your own personal FOB that will grant you access to the Fitness Centre.

For further information please contact our Athletic Services and Compliance Coordinator.


Lockers are available for rent for $15/semester and can be paid at the Business Office. Students must provide their own locks.

Gym Change Rooms - Contact Athletic Services and Compliance Coordinator to select a locker.

Fitness Centre - Contact the Community Life Coordinator to select a locker.

Go Pilots!

We love our fans just as much as we love the sports we play and we encourage all students, staff and faculty to attend our varsity games, to share in the excitement of sport and express enthusiasm of school spirit! Be sure to come cheer on the Pilots Soccer home games at our Otterburne Soccer Complex and out Basketball and Volleyball teams in the new Niverville CRRC!

Recreation Opportunities

Learn a new sport, meet new friends or improve your skills by joining in some of our recreational activities! Intramurals are offered for the purpose of facilitating fun, physical health and fitness, spiritual maturity and social interaction at a non-varsity level. There are opportunities throughout the school year to participate in intramurals so be sure to sign up for these activities when available!

Providence also has one of two certified disc golf courses in Manitoba that covers a large portion of campus and offers a fun and relaxing way to be outside.

Participation in all ensembles is free for those not seeking academic credit. Registration is required to earn academic credit.

Worship Bands

Each band learns 15-20 worship songs throughout the year in preparation for leading worship at campus chapels (4-5 times per semester). Each band can also expect 3-5 external deputations per year. Rehearsals are held on Thursday nights. Auditions are required for both worship bands and are held only at the beginning of the fall semester. Each group takes 4-7 students. Students who register in either band will receive 1 academic credit per semester.

Music Lessons

Want to learn an instrument? Take one-on-one lessons with our experienced faculty. Lesson times are determined in consultation with individual instructors.

We desire that all of our students, faculty, and staff would be able to meet with one another and with God in their time here at Providence. We recognize that spiritual formation takes place in a variety of ways and encourage you to participate fully in these activities as you discover more about your own spiritual life. To meet the diverse needs of our community and to allow greater participation of students, faculty, and staff in the spiritual life of Providence, we offer the following formative spirituality activities.

Community Chapel

The Providence University College and Theological Seminary community comes together on Wednesdays for Community Chapel (11:10 am – 12:00 pm). These chapels feature a creative mix of music, proclamation, and prayer. Community Chapel provides an opportunity for University College and Seminary students, as well as staff and faculty, to gather together for worship, conveying our belief that worshiping together produces a stronger community.

Institution Specific Chapels

  • Providence University College students are invited and expected to participate also on Tuesdays and Fridays from 11:10 am – 12:00 pm. Friday chapels are student-led using the format of small group study and prayer and take place in the Sanctuary or in the Hub in MTH.
  • Seminary students are encouraged and expected to participate in chapel also on Tuesdays from 11:10 am – 12:00 pm which are designed to contribute to fellowship and spiritual growth. Chapel is meant to be a refreshing time of worship as well as an opportunity for students and faculty to use their spiritual gifts. Chapels feature students, faculty, and guest speakers from outside the Seminary.

Additional Weekly Activities

(subject to change)

  • Praise and Worship Nights – once per month
  • RA Groups (Care Group) – one evening a week
  • Student Prayer Groups – throughout the week
  • Field Education – various times throughout the week
  • Missions Trips – service events throughout the year

Occasional Activities

  • Day of Prayer - one day in both the Fall and Winter semesters
  • Lecture Series - one day during the Fall semester
  • Missio Dei – one week during the Winter semester
  • Student Life Events – throughout the semester

Our University College and Seminary student leaders are essential for the development of an inclusive learning community. Student leaders receive mentoring and support from Student Life staff while living and learning as servant-leaders among their peers. If you are interested in getting involved in student leadership, please contact our Community Life Coordinator.

University College Student Leadership

Resident Assistants (RA's)

RAs are student leaders, selected each year from among those who are interested in serving their community and developing leadership skills. They live in residence and organize weekly care groups for the other students in their assigned hall. These people are on the front line of residence living, providing support and ensuring that community life is enjoyed and respected by all.

Student Council (STUCO)

Each spring, STUCO members are elected by their peers to serve in the following academic year. Being a part of Student Council is an opportunity to develop and grow as a leader. Student Council runs regular events with the purpose of building community and faith. STUCO members are responsible for bringing the concerns and interests of students to the larger Student Council and sometimes take on particular projects in response to student concerns. At the beginning of the academic year all students have the opportunity to join a STUCO member’s committee as a way of contributing to the community and becoming familiar with student leadership. STUCO Positions include:

  • President
  • Vice-President of Student Life
  • Vice-President of Administration
  • Vice-President of Communication
  • Vice-President of Spiritual Life
  • Missions Representative
  • Athletics Representative
  • Social Life Representative
  • International Students Representative
  • Commuter Representative

Seminary Student Leadership

Seminary Student Representative Council (SRC)

The appointed student leaders make up the SRC. They are overseen by the International Student Services Coordinator. The purposes of the SRC are to enhance communication between Seminary faculty and the student body and vice versa, and to provide a forum for interaction between the student leaders. The SRC normally includes the following members:

  • Student-Faculty Liaison
  • Seminary Social Coordinator
  • Student Worship and Chapel Coordinator

Student-Faculty Liaison

The Liaison is responsible for representing Seminary students to the Seminary faculty and administration and, on occasions when the Academic Dean deems it helpful, to represent Seminary faculty and administration to students. As well, this person is available to students on a casual and/or appointment basis to listen to their concerns and questions about Seminary courses, programs, policies, etc., and to present these concerns to the Academic Dean.

Seminary Social Coordinator

The Social Coordinator is responsible for organizing social activities during the semester for the Seminary student body.

Seminary Student Worship and Chapel Coordinator

The chapel coordinator will assist the faculty in planning and leading the program of the Seminary chapel, including its various components of worship, fellowship, instruction, and inspiration. This may include arranging for the participation of others in the chapel program, including students, faculty, staff, and invited guests, and working closely with faculty to organize the scheduled Day of Prayer in the winter semester.