Accommodations & Appeals Webforms

Providence University College and Theological Seminary strives to provide a fair and supportive learning environment for all academically qualified students requiring accommodations to complete their studies.


Section 4.3.24 of the UC Academic Calendar and 2.4.18 of the Seminary Academic Calendar

 An accommodation is any adaptation that reduces or eliminates barriers to participation which arises when a student with a learning difference interacts with the academic environment at Providence.

Accommodations may be made to assist a student throughout their time at Providence and may include supports such as additional time or private space to write exams or assigned note-takers in class.

Accommodations may also be made for short-term concerns such as bereavement, health (including mental health), or other similar reasons. For example, a student may experience a traumatic event, a death in their family, a surgery, etc. and require a short time off school to handle the situation. We will work with students and instructors to determine appropriate accommodations in each situation. Typical accommodations result in excused absences, extensions of a week or two, or writing a test on a different day.

All accommodations at Providence require appropriate documentation and are processed in the Student Life department.

All accommodations are kept confidential. Instructors will not be informed about the reason for the accommodation except by the student’s request. Accommodation requests may be shared with the Dean of the relevant school.

Accommodations requiring course extensions or final exam deferrals must be made through an appeal to the Academic Committee (See Below)

Appeals to the Academic Committee

Appeals made to the Academic Committee will be submitted to the Registrar and evaluated by the Academic Committee (typically consisting of the Registrar, University College Dean, Seminary Dean, and the Vice President of Student Life). The appeal process usually takes two weeks or more.