Seminary Part-Time Student Scholarship


This application is for all scholarships available to part-time seminary students.

There are a limited number of scholarships and not all those that apply will be recipients. Recipients will be notified 2 weeks before the start of the semester.

This scholarship is only available for those taking on campus courses including module and module/hybrid courses. Online and independent courses are not eligible.

Application Due Dates: **must apply for each semester separately**

  • Fall Semester: August 5
  • Winter Semester: December 5
  • Spring/Summer Semester: April 1

Applications for module students are also due by the above dates based on the semester in which the module is offered.


  • Applicant must main a minimum of a 2.5 AGPA
  • Applicant must be a part-time student (no more than 8 credit hours per semester)
  • Applicant must meet criteria for enrollment
  • Application must be enrolled in a degree program

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