Spousal Student Bursary


This bursary is available for the spouse of a full-time student who is not receiving funding from another organization. The spouse of a full-time student will be eligible for a 50% discount on their tuition for one for-credit course per semester. The applicant is only eligible for one auditing course per semester OR one course for-credit per semester. Applications for this bursary are due by the registration date.

All regular student, library, applied music and lab fees still apply. Not all courses are eligible for this bursary; all bursary applications will be considered by the Registrar’s Office and applicants will be contacted if their bursary will not apply.

In order to receive the above scholarship, students must meet the following criteria/requirements:

  • Spouse of the applicant must be a full-time student either at Providence University College or Theological Seminary
  • Spouse of the applicant must be enrolled in a Providence degree program
  • The applicant must submit an application to Providence prior to applying for this bursary
  • The applicant must inform Providence whether they receive any assistance form another organization

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