Student Policies Handbook


The Student Policies Handbook is designed to provide information about life as a student at Providence. There are secondary parts of the handbook that differ if you are part of our Providence Downtown Campus or our Otterburne Campus. Please make sure you refer to that part of the handbook as well.

From Our President

Welcome to Providence. We are so pleased you have chosen to study with us in this extraordinary community. This is a place full of people who care about your growth and well-being. The people of Providence are amazing, and now you are one of them!

I know that your faculty and student life team have been working hard to prepare a tremendous experience for you here this year. There are so many opportunities for learning, relationship, and even fun!

Please take every opportunity to connect with your fellow students, and with the staff and faculty who have given their lives to serve you well. In my life, I have observed that the opportunity to study deeply is rare and valuable. I know that you will want to take this opportunity to drink deep from the great well of learning that is available to you while you are here. Read, think, study, discuss, and most of all grow in the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Providence people are “difference makers” because Jesus has first made a difference in our lives. I look forward to seeing the difference you will make as you bear the fruit of your learning.

Kenton C. Anderson