Hazing Policy

Background & Purpose

The Providence mission, vision, values, and covenants all speak to a commitment by the Providence community to live together in ways that contribute to a safe and thriving learning community for all members, with Christ at the center. Our policies exist within this community commitment.

Hazing is damaging to individuals and to the community, and as such, it is critical to address it both proactively with preventative educational measures as well as in responding to reported allegations.

This Policy applies to participation in Hazing by any member of the Providence community that occurs on or off the Providence campus.

Hazing and rookie/first year student initiations include any action or activity expected of a student wishing to join a group (or of a student wishing to gain or maintain full status in a group) which does not contribute to the positive development of a person; which inflicts or causes physical harm, or mental discomfort or anxieties (intended or not); which may humiliate, degrade, abuse, endanger, disgrace or subordinate any person, regardless of their apparent willingness to engage in the activity. Any action or behavior that could be considered hazing or initiation will not be tolerated, and disciplinary action will be taken.

  • No member of the University community shall be involved in planning, implementing, or participating (actively, passively or as a bystander) in Hazing.
  • It is no defense to an allegation of Hazing that:
    • Express or implied consent of the student was obtained or participation was voluntary;
    • The conduct or activity was not part of an official group or was otherwise sanctioned or approved; or
    • The conduct was not an explicit condition or affiliation of membership with the organization or group.
  • Where a member of the Providence community has reasonable grounds to believe that Hazing is occurring or has occurred, he or she is under a positive obligation to take all reasonable steps to stop the Hazing and report Hazing promptly under this Policy.
  • All members of the Providence community must cooperate in any investigation process initiated under this Policy.
  • There will be no retaliation against any person on account of an allegation or an expressed intention to make an allegation under this Policy or on account of evidence or assistance given in relation to a proposed allegation under this Policy. Action in response to retaliation will be addressed in accordance with the Providence Disciplinary Accountability Process.
  • Any communication or information gathered in any case is confidential except to the extent that disclosure is necessary to effectively implement this Policy or to undertake any disciplinary or remedial steps arising from a decision made under this Policy. Disciplinary action in response to a breach of confidentiality will be addressed in accordance with the Providence Disciplinary Accountability Process.
  • An allegation made in bad faith (with a conscious design to mislead or deceive, or with a malicious or fraudulent intent) may constitute grounds for disciplinary action against the Complainant, which will be addressed in accordance with the Providence Disciplinary Accountability Process.
  • All allegations of Hazing shall be reported in accordance with the terms of this Policy.

Allegations of Hazing may be reported to any Student Life staff member (e.g. Vice President of Student Life, Director of Athletics, coaches, Residence Life Director, etc.). Student Life staff will notify the Vice President of Student Life regarding the allegation. The Vice President of Student Life will direct the process involving the allegation. If the allegation is connected to a varsity sport or varsity athlete, the Director of Athletics may also be involved in the process. Confidentiality will be maintained, and only staff with a ‘need to know’ will be involved.

Students may consult with the Vice President of Student Life or Director of Athletics on a confidential basis, to help discern whether specific activities or events constitute Hazing.

Anonymous allegations may be submitted to the Vice President of Student Life or the Director of Athletics. The Vice President of Student Life will determine if the allegations can be followed up on without a specific complainant identified.

The first priority will be the safety of the complainant and all students involved.

The Providence Disciplinary Accountability Process will be implemented to address any allegations of Hazing.

The seriousness of Hazing cannot be overstated, and may result in immediate disciplinary consequences for perpetrators, including dismissal from teams/groups and/or expulsion from the institution.

It is the responsibility of each student to make themselves aware of the Providence Hazing Policy.

Student Life will work at educating students regarding the Hazing policy, what the damaging impacts are and what students can do to ensure they are contributing to a safe and thriving community.

Emphasis will be on guiding students towards creating positive events and environments which build and encourage group, team and community development.