Room Reservation

In an effort to ensure that we can provide adequate space for our returning students and to provide an accurate count of rooms available for new students we offer a room reservation system.

New Students

If you are planning on living in residence as a first year student, please let your Enrolment Officer know. They will give you a Resident Information Form to fill out, as well as guide you through the process of submitting a $150 damage deposit. These two things will secure placement in residence.

Returning Students

Returning students who desire to live in residence must fill out a Returning Student Residence Form. Additionally, each returning student is responsible for ensuring that your $150 damage deposit is still on your student account. This can be done by checking your Populi account or by contacting the Business Office. There is no deadline for returning students to take these steps, however students will not be able to return to residence until both of these steps have been completed and confirmed. Students who choose to withdraw their application for residence will forfeit their damage deposit.