Arrange Housing

As an international student, you are responsible for confirming your rental accommodations before arriving in Manitoba. Providence Downtown does not offer student housing on campus. The International Student Services team can assist you by providing information on accommodation options if required.

Before making housing arrangements, consider your finances, needs and priorities. If you decide to arrange housing from abroad it is good practice to request photos and floor plans so you can get an idea of what to expect when you arrive at your new home. Seeing a unit in person is always the safest way to ensure a suitable and safe unit. If possible, arrive in Canada 1-2 weeks prior to orientation, book temporary housing through a hotel or Airbnb, and begin your search in person. However, recognize that this is not always feasible and it may not give you adequate time to secure a place.

  • Check if rental unit is furnished or unfurnished and expect to purchase a bed, desk, table, couch, and basic furniture etc. if necessary.
  • What amenities are included in the unit? Is there laundry on-site? Is it in the unit or shared in the building? Does it cost money? How much does it cost per load? If there is no laundry on-site, where is the nearest laundromat? Is it within walking distance? Is there free parking on site? Is there air conditioning in the unit? Make sure you read the listing carefully.
  • Cost: rent + utilities (i.e. electricity, gas, etc.) versus all inclusive. All-inclusive means that rent and utilities are included in the fee that you pay each month to the landlord. Always clarify with the landlord if internet is included or if it is additional. If the listing states rent plus utilities, this means that they are posting the rent price and utilities will be an additional cost. Most listings give an average of those additional costs. You would be responsible for paying rent to the landlord and the utilities directly to the utility's provider.
  • Location is key when renting. Consider how close the unit is to campus. Is there a bus stop near the unit that can take you to campus? How close is the unit to necessities including the grocery store or pharmacy?
  • Consider if the unit is landlord-occupied or not. You may be looking to live in a room with a Canadian family or you may be looking to just live with other students. If the unit is landlord-occupied, this may mean you are living with them in a house and renting a room. If you are renting a duplex or triplex, it may just mean they are living in another self-contained unit in the building.
  • Landlord expectations. Consider what your landlord expects of you during tenancy versus the lifestyle you live and what your needs are.

Damage deposits and rental agreements:

  • You may be asked to pay a security deposit before moving into your new home. This deposit can be up to one half of your first month’s rent. Your landlord must give you a receipt to show you have paid your security deposit. The receipt should show:
    • the amount of the deposit
    • the date you paid the deposit
    • the address of your rental unit
  • Providence Downtown can be used as a reference if you have no other Canadian references
    • As you may not have a guarantor who can sign the lease, you can obtain a letter from the International Student Services team (Registrar) confirming that you are a full-time student and most likely have the financial means to study at Providence. If you are working part-time, you may also obtain a letter of employment for your reference check.
  • See Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement - Winnipeg

Avoid Scams & Illegal Accommodation:

Ensure that you examine the housing options carefully before selecting a location. There is also helpful information available on the government of Manitoba's website. Read and ensure you are familiar with your rights and responsibilities.

Winnipeg Rental Housing Laws - Resources on laws governing rental housing.

Housing Law Resources and Publication - A wide range of documents explaining Winnipeg's housing laws. From the Community Legal Education Association.

For information on accommodations in the area and standard residential tenancy agreement, refer to the list below.

Scott Block Loft apartment suites (2-min walking distance from campus)

Winnipeg Rental Network

Travel Manitoba – Where to Stay

Tenant’s Insurance:

Providence recommends that all students get tenant’s insurance for their belongings. Landlords are not responsible for the security of a tenant’s personal items.

If you would like additional help in relocating to Canada, there are helpful relocation services, including Prairie Relocation (, owned by Diane Bergmann. For a small fee, Diane can provide additional assistance in your move.